Anne Strauss

I commissioned from Ari Post a portrait of two pets, a dog and a cat belonging to a friend. The result was especially successful and even exceeded my expectations. Ari skillfully captured each subject’s personality and their emotional bond and beautifully portrayed them in their home setting. Working from photographs and descriptions of their character and interrelations, Ari produced a preliminary sketch for my feedback and approval and then produced the final work right on schedule and to my great delight. Ari recommended an appropriate frame and oversaw the framing process. All in all, the whole process and the final product could not have been more successful and positive. The pets’ owner was ecstatic about this surprise gift. Ari is a talented and gifted artist whose portraits are full of perception and wit.

Gladys Cramer

We have a grand dog named Mortimer. He is from a pure bred elite heritage—our friends call him “Lord” Mortimer. He draws a lot of attention. Anywhere he is walked people want to know more about him. As he is approaching his mature middle years, we began to feel we should capture these traits for his owners in a special manner. We had seen and appreciated the art of Ari Post in the Washington DC area. We approached him about considering a “portrait” of our beloved Mortimer. Ari agreed and spent some time getting to know our slightly haughty family pet…. The result was wonderful. He captured Mortimer enthroned—which is his essence! We were delighted to present the finished framed work as a unique birthday gift, hand delivered by the artist. Thank you Ari Post!

HelenJean Smith

Ari was determined to capture the personalities of our two pooches in his caricature portrait. Using an American Gothic approach, he was totally successful in his effort to portray the regal bearing of Brandy, the Collie, with the mischievous alertness of Whiskey, the Sheltie. We love its uniqueness. Well done!